Competitive Program Fees

Gold & Silver Division

Players will be selected on a try-out basis and will be placed according to their division & skill level.

GOLD Team Division
Advanced Experienced players

(Gold division teams will play in the Miami Dade Soccer League & Local Tournaments)

SILVER Team Division
Intermediate Experienced players

(Silver division teams will play in the Super Rec In-House League & Local Tournaments)


(August 16, 2021 – May 20, 2022) 9-month commitment.

  • One Time Registration Commitment Fee: $525. This includes two practice uniforms, two game uniforms, and soccer bag. FYSA affiliation for the player, Coach, and Club. Registration commitment fee must be paid by Friday June 10 along with your signed commitment letter.  
  • One Time Registration Commitment Fee is Non-Refundable!
$130-$145 per month / per player.  
Monthly fee starts in September- May / 9-month commitment and does not include League fees, referee fees, or any tournaments attended in Dade or Broward county. 
  • Payment will be on the 5 th day of each month. 
  • $25 late fee will be applied if not paid by the due date.
  • (U6-U10) $125 per month/per player – $85 Coach / $25 Club / $20 Field Rental  
  • (U11-U14) $145 per month/per player – $100 Coach / $25 Club / $20 Field Rental  
Copy of Birth Certificate will be require for each player along with a picture I. D.  
  • There will be additional fees for each player that is not covered by the registration commitment fee or Coaches monthly & field rental fee. 
  • Each team/player is responsible for these additional fees, which include: referee fees, head coach travel reimbursement, coaches’ monthly fees, tournament fees, Coach Tournament fee, and leagues fees. 
  • These fees vary according to the tournaments that are attended.
  • MIAMI DADE LEAGUE OR BROWARD LEAGUE / September-December & January –May (GOLD TEAMS)
  • IN HOUSE LEAGUE-SUPER REC OR OUTSIDE LEAGUE GUEST Fall (September – November) Winter (December- February) Spring March-May (SILVER TEAMS)

Miami Dade League / In House Super Rec League:
(Includes field rental & Referee fees)

$150 per player (5-7 game season) Does not include play-offs
$250 per player (8-10 game season) Does not include play-offs

Program Fee (per player)
Tournament Fee
Depending on tournament attended

Tent & Bench Fees:

Each Team will be required to have a tent and bench for their representing team players, so players can have shade and sit on a portable bench and not the floor. Each tent will have the Clubs logo and name. Each parent/player will be responsible and will need to pay

$75.00-$100.00 to cover this cost which will benefit the players for game days. Payment will be paid 1st week of July in order to get the tents and benches on a timely banner.